Timeshift Review (Xbox 360)

Written by Clare (aka EffEmmGee) and Benjamin (aka BBIAJ)

On the surface TimeShift comes across as yet another FPS, but just dig a little deeper and you will find that it has that 1 factor that separates it from the rest of the crowd, Time Control. Yes that’s right, in TimeShift you have the ability to manipulate time to your advantage. Just imagine being able to pause time and humiliate your foe and watch his or her reaction as time resumes? That is one of my favourite tricks anyway, pausing time, pulling the gun from your enemies hands and watching them look round them bemused as to where their weapon has gone. They will then either grab the nearest weapon to them or raise their hands and ask for mercy.

Time Control is also used to solve puzzles, such as using a moving crane to access the next room, only the crane either moves too fast or needs to be used at the same time as activating it, this is where Pausing or Reversing time comes in handy.

Aside from all the cool time manipulation that can be done, TimeShift also has its not so great parts to it. As enjoyable as I found TimeShift, it was one of those games that I really wanted to love, only there was sections where I was having great fun followed by really frustrating parts where dying occurred many many times, and I do mean many times. I felt that it had sharp difficulty spikes dotted throughout various parts of the game which was enough to make you take the game out and play something else.

But of course this is only a review, our own opinion and unlike the previous reviews there are two people working on this one. As mentioned above I (Clare) personally found parts of the game really frustrating but Benjamin didn’t get annoyed or die as much as I did. That doesn’t make me a bad gamer, it just shows that we both approached this game differently.

Even though there are difficulty spikes present I do still find myself putting the game back in for another shot, and more often than not after a break I find that the previously impossible bits…are now possible.

The look of the game feels damp and gritty as opposed so being clean and crisp, this is no bad thing either as that’s the designers intention, the graphics really give you a sense of being soaked in the rain and the sound adds to that too. If you’re going to be playing this game with a 5.1 surround system then you’re in for a treat.

I have recently tried playing TimeShift online and I think finally someone has got it right. I have played many FPS’s online and I have always found that they are all the same and very bland. In TimeShift online you have your usual Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch but there’s also game modes based on using your time shifting abilities. But don’t go thinking that its exactly the same as the single player mode, obviously you cant just stop time for everyone and get on with killing like before, instead now you have Time Grenades. These grenades create a large bubble of time, if you just happen to be inside it you will be unable to move but so will anyone else caught inside.

Ok its that time again, personally I played TimeShift on a 19″ TFT flat/widescreen monitor and can’t say that I noticed any graphical issues, on the other hand playing this game online did show some slight tearing, but not enough to put you off playing it. This game has also been played on a 32″ HDTV with the same results. But what about texture pop in or jaggies I hear you ask? again there’s no sign on these, happy?

I would say this game deserves more credit than other websites or magazines game it. Sure I am an optimist when it comes to giving my opinion on games but I wont lie and I wont cover up any of the bad points, apart from the difficulty spikes here and there I cant say that there are any bad points. If you still want to believe what the other reviews say then I would highly recommend at least renting this because chances are you will want to buy it after that.


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