Clive Barkers Jericho Review (Xbox 360)

Written by EffEmmGee

It was a nice surprise being given the opportunity to review Clive Barker’s Jericho, this is my first official review, hopefully the first of many!

On receipt of a white parcel that arrived one morning I opened it up only to be greeted by a bag falling out containing fake black blood and a fake severed finger, delightful but my kinda thing, thanks Codemasters!

Jericho is a squad based first person shooter with plenty of horror and gore to go around. The story of Jericho is an original one created in the mind of Clive Barker. You will have to journey through a number of ‘time slices’ working your way through various historical eras including Modern Al-Khali, World War II, The Crusades, The Romans and the 4th Millennium BC. You don’t actually leave Al-Khali during these time slices.

Clive Barker’s Jericho starts as it means to go on with each stage of progression adding something extra and introducing an extra power or capability, it doesn’t plunge you in the deep end like the demo did but you are placed in the middle of the desert just outside the city of Al-Khali. Your team, called the Jericho Squad must work your way through Al-Khali eliminating all the hellish threats that stand in your way.

You will gradually be able to control all of your team mates taking advantage of all their special powers and abilities (see Artwork for Character Descriptions and Abilities).

As you progress through the game you will face many challenging enemies which you can kill in a variety of different ways (although as mentioned above at the beginning you will be restricted, but continue playing and all the Jericho Squads powers will become available to you). What I found interesting is the way QTE events are implemented in this game. The first instance was when an enemy actually grabbed hold of me, my first instinct like in many games before this one was to frantically waggle the analogue sticks to free myself, then button prompts appeared, in order to successfully escape without getting hurt you must hit these buttons quickly and you will see from the perspective of your character your arms on screen deflecting the attack of your foe. As you enter buildings and the like the levels will get really dark, but don’t worry that’s what your flashlight is for. I have seen many comments on the demo of people complaining that the levels are too dark, well what do you expect when you’re in the depths of Hell?

After working your way through modern day Al-Khali a dramatic change will happen within your Squad forcing you to rethink how you’re going to play the game, this is for the better as this makes the rest of the game more interesting. The first Time Slice you’re forced into is that of World War II in this small city of Al-Khali. Naturally you’re up against deformed versions of German Soldiers that are so deformed that they are only recognisable by the war helmets they wear.

As you travel through these Eras you will have a similar pattern to follow, you must find and locate the ‘Good Guys’ (in the case of WWII you will find British Troops) who will fill you in with more information as to why you are there. Then you must locate the ‘Breach’ which is the gateway to the next Time Slice, but not only do you have to find it you have to find out how to open it too.

Ok so I’ve told you how this game works and the basics of what you have to do. Now you want to know what the graphics are like? Or in the case of some people you want to know if it ‘Tears’ or is it ‘Jaggy’?

Well you will be pleasantly surprised that I have not experienced any tearing in this game, the graphics are crisp and clean and the detail on each of your Jericho Squads armour is amazing. And for those of you wanting to know what this game has been tested on? Well we at Splurge played this game on both a 19″ widescreen PC monitor running through VGA and a Standard Def 26″ flat/widescreen TV running through true-Scart.

The environments are detailed and buildings or structures in the distance have that distance blur effect on them, aiming your gun on any distant building will put it into focus, cool eh?.

Any corpses you find scattered about are just as graphically gory as the enemies you face, they have that wet blood effect that’s just about realistic enough to make you go ‘Eww’. You will also come across skinned bodies that look burned as painful blisters cover the bodies.


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