Geometry Wars: Galaxies Review (Nintendo DS)

Written by Clare (aka EffEmmGee)

Being a fan of Geometry Wars since it was first playable in the garage of Project Gotham Racing 2, I was over the moon when I heard this was coming out for the Nintendo DS. Just think, a portable version of one of my favourite and addictive arcadey type games!

My first worry was that it wasnt going to port very well to the DS and that the controls would take a long time to get used to, or worse, being too fidly to be able to concentrate without getting hit by something in game. I was so glad that neither of these was the case, the controls are really easy to learn and pick up, plus you can even customise how want to play. Do you want the game on the top screen with a radar on the bottom where you touch and shoot your weapon? or do you want to
forget the stylus and use both the D-pad and face buttons instead? in my case I prefer to have the game on the botton touch screen AND touch to shoot. And if you’re left handed don’t worry, theres a flip controls option for you guys too!

Ok now we know that you can customise HOW you want to play, how about what you get and playing the game. Geometry Wars: Galazies comes with Geometry Wars Evolved included so you can play that till your hearts content to get a high score and even upload it to see where you rank in the world (more on that later). The main game, Galaxies is where the main action is. You have to remember that I am a huge fan of this game so apologies if I sound over-enthusiastic about it!

Galaxies takes place in, well, a Galaxy with quite a few solar systems in there, your first solar system can be accessed for free, the other ones you need to unlock with ‘Geoms’, inside these solar systems there are planets and each planet is a Geometry Wars level.

You may think that Geometry Wars Galaxies features the same never changing square arenas as Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved on the X-Box LIVE Arcade, that is not the case however, as it does in fact consist of different shaped arenas, and also includes other changes such as moving indestructable scenery, scenery that drops mines that can be made to cause a chain reaction of explosions, different enemy types, and bonus multiplyers that need to be picked up (these are the Geoms, which is also your currency to buy upgrades for your drone and unlock future levels).

I will now talk about this drone I previously mentioned. Unlike Retro Evolved you now have a small drone which is a small droid that flies around your craft which will behave in different ways depending on what you tell it to do at the start of the level, you cannot however change its behaviour during the level. Different drone behaviours include Attack, Defend, Turret, Bait etc which do just that. A drone that acts as a turret will stop on the screen and shoot constantly in a circle for about 10 seconds then resume following you, it will repeat this again after taking a rest, Bait will draw enemies away from you, Attack will shoot nearby enemies, you can figure out the rest.

Unfortunately Galaxies doesn’t include an online worldwide multiplayer mode although you can play your friends in a local game, the only online function would be the Leaderboards so you can check to see where you rank in the world, obviously providing you have a wireless network or are near a wireless hotspot. There are co-op and verses mode to play with your friends that will be flying around in a slightly different shaped ship.

Overall if you’re a fan of Geometry Wars Retro Evolved then you should love this, its great for a pick up and play if you have a few minutes to spare as well as playing for long sessions should you get addicted to it like I do.


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