F.E.A.R. Files Review (PC)

written by Adam (aka Goingslow)

A couple of notes…

Firstly let me take this opportunity to thank EffEmmGee for this chance of reviewing some games, and also to Vivendi for the games.

Now this is my first time reviewing a game seriously, as you may have seen I’ve posted a few small threads on a game or two but not to this scale.

I have decided to look on both pc and xbox360 reviews in the same way. I know they can be look at differently but I think which ever platform, you should be able to enjoy them the same. Whether it be mouse and keyboard or pad. Why should you put the pad down and pick up the mouse?

So what do you need…

Unlike consoles every pc has a different specification, here’s the basics for what you’ll need. I’ll stick with recommended system requirements because chances are if you’re a pc gamer your going to have a semi decent pc! (hopefully that’s a fair assumption)

  • CPU – 3.0ghz pentium 4
  • NVIDIA GeForce FX5900 graphics card 256mb
  • 1GB of RAM
  • 7.5GB of free HDD space
  • DVD drive
  • Broadband for online play
  • It will work on both XP and Vista (32 bit)

For this review I’m using…

So the above is what you need this is what I’m playing and writing this on.

  • CPU – 2.4ghz core duo 2
  • 2GB of RAM
  • On XP home edition
  • NVIDIA GeForce 7600GT 256mb
  • Samsung 26” HD TV via VGA (1360×768)

The beginning – installation…

I have timed this from clicking ‘install’ until I was able to click ‘play game’, it came out at 6 minutes and 9 seconds. The only minor issue with this being my first review is I have nothing to compare this to so can not tell whether this is good or not, but it did not feel sluggish.

The in case guide…

This game doesn’t have the usual guide which you would expect giving a brief run through of the controls and items you can expect to find. I assume this is due to the fact it’s an expansion pack, albeit a stand-alone one!! All there is, is a small pamphlet containing the code you need when installing with requirements, warranty and support information. But on the plus side there was also a 10 day trial for world in conflict, but that’s an added bonus.

The filling – what the game was like…

Words that come to mind, disappointment, confusion detail or should I say lack of.

For the reason out lined below I believe making this game a stand-alone expansion was a mistake, I have not played the previous game and therefore don’t know any background to the story, something which isn’t helped by no guide. Either it needed to be an expansion for the game or fear 1.5 with at least basic details for those new to it. Before I knew where I was, and what was happening I was being attacked, another reason it is almost assumed I have played before. If I being honest this is most probably why I didn’t enjoy it as I had hoped, as no time was given to ease me in to it.
A sense that this was rushed to the shelf also comes out in the presentation of the levels, yes it’s better than I could do and it’s not marketed as a xbox360 look-a-likey. But there is no polish to it, there are so many straight lines it actually looks worse for it. Also I had it on a relatively high graphic setting as well and I’m left with this sour taste.

The story, or should I say the lack of was very short, I completed this in about 12 hours over two days. I never felt I was 100% sure what was happening or where I was suppose to go. Yet again was this a continuation of the game before? l I don’t know!!

Coming from the 360 pad it took me about 20 minutes to get comfortable using the keyboard and mouse, the controls are the same/similar to most other pc games. If I wanted to throw a grenade or something in that category I just had to hit G, to crouch C, to reload R and so forth. Along with this and the overall style nothing real makes it stand out from the other FPS games which you would be choosing this from. The enemies may be a little odd, as in come up through a puddle of blood on the floor or appear as a shadow with glowing red eyes, but it wasn’t as ‘scary’ as half a dozen terrorists in a library on rainbow six!

I feel I have been totally negative about this game but as a package it should have been better, but too many things let it down and possibly too many wrong decision. With the level of games which we now have this is not there. If I had been drawn in to the game more I may not have spent as much time looking at the detail of the levels and visa versa. Had the detail been there with the levels I may have paid more attention to what was going on. Pc developers need to raise there game as if not more people aren’t going to put that pad down even if it means shelling out a bit more cash. Yes this is around £20 compared to the £40 360/ps3 price, but I’m having more than £20 more fun playing Assassins creed or forza2.

It wasn’t an absolute clanger but with what is available now there are better choices. (may be even the Xbox 360 version)


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