Crash of the Titans Review (Xbox 360)

Written by Clare (aka EffEmmGee)

I have been playing Crash Bandicoot games since the first one on Playstation many years ago in 1996, the first few sequels didn’t change that much apart from the location and how Neo Cortex planned to eradicate that pesky Bandicoot!

This was a good thing in my eyes as there was nothing wrong with how it was.

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”

There were then a few spin-off type Crash games such as Crash Tag Team Racing and Crash Bash etc but the first Next Gen Crash game came in 2001, Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex, unfortunately this game didn’t really improve on the series which upset many fans.

2004 came and Crash Twinsanity was released, this came with an unusual twist to the series, the fact that you had to work with your arch enemy to progress through the game. This in my opinion was the saviour to the series!

Now onto the game in question, Crash of the Titans.

This game takes you back to its routes, back to working your way through set areas breaking boxes collecting Wumpa fruit and collecting as much Mojo orbs as you can to upgrade your character.

But don’t fret, in no way is this iteration a dud in the series of Crash!

Just like the original classics you work your way through various worlds starting off where you and your sister live. The levels seem huge but you can’t go everywhere. One of the first things that I discovered was the initial lack of Crash’s classic spin attack, you only have a punch attack at the beginning but as you collect vast amounts of glowing blue Mojo orbs you will soon find that your Bandicoot skills will start to level up, and more attack moves are open to you. There’s more skill needed to pull of some of the attacks, for example the classic spin attack I mentioned earlier isn’t just a simple button press anymore, now you have to build it up by rotating the left analogue stick and pressing the correct button, but don’t do this for too long though otherwise Crash will get dizzy and become vulnerable to attacks. Continuing on the levelling up aspect this is very subtle, as you collect Mojo things such as your health bar will increase and combination moves will be available, a pop-up will appear on screen detailing these new moves.

The basis of this game is that Neo Cortex and his Niece Nina have converted all of the fluffy nice animals into giant Titans, as you progress through the game you can ‘Jack’ these Titans and use their special skills to your advantage, such as if there’s a giant wall or huge wooden door to get through chances are there will be a Titan nearby with an appropriate skill that will be able to break said wall or door down to progress though the level. You will have to defeat these Titans first to knock them out before Jacking them, at first this is fairly easy but later in the game you will have to face bigger or much stronger enemies and have to use more skill in knocking them out, this can be frustrating at times as you may die and have to start again from the last checkpoint but eventually you will find their weaknesses and find that certain combinations work better than others.
I have to admit I was a little bit frustrated by the fact that some watery parts were safe to walk on, or in, and some weren’t. The level you start on has a section of water with a waterfall running into it and you wont die going into it, in fact it encourages you to as there are some Mojo orbs clearly visible by the waterfall. Just try taking a dip in any other stretch of water and you will find yourself at the last checkpoint.

To look at Crash of the Titans is definitely a graphical improvement from Crash Twinsanity, but at the same time it doesn’t appear to push the Xbox 360 for what it can really do. To me I personally don’t mind because Crash Bandicoot has a certain style to it which I think would be spoiled if Crash was made to look too realistic. You will also find that meeting certain requirements will net you some nifty level artwork as well as some funky costumes to play the game in. Most of the costumes are based around the Titans you fight and some are based on Neo’s minions too.

Visually I have experienced minor tearing but nothing to cry about, the graphics are crisp and clean and the extremely subtle motion blur on Crash’s movements look good. And for those of you wanting to know what this game has been tested on? Well we at Splurge played this game on both a 19″ widescreen PC monitor running through VGA and a Standard Def 26″ flat/widescreen TV running through true-Scart, (its also been played on a small 14″ SDTV too).

Crash of the Titans is a definite must buy for all you die hard Crash fans out there, I certainly wasn’t disappointed with it and its one game I will be playing again. I am a completest so getting all those costumes and artwork are a must for me.


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