About us

Hello and welcome to the Review section of the 360 Splurge.

The 360 Splurge is a site where mature gamers can discuss their views on the latest Xbox 360 games or maybe arrange gaming sessions.  When I say mature I mean sensible gamers.

Don’t worry though we are not a Clan so don’t feel like you will be roped into everything we do if you decide to join.

You wont find any screaming kids here (but if you do please let me know!).

About my Reviews

I write my reviews from a gamers perspective.  I write for myself so I don’t feel the need to churn out every review for the sake of adding another one to the list.  I put alot of time and dedication into my writing and make sure I tell the reader what they need to know.  I even include information most other reviews neglect to add such as whether said game has any amount of ‘jaggies’ or ‘tearing’.

My Gaming Setup (what I use to write my reviews)


  • Xbox 360 Elite 120GB (retail unit)
  • PC Monitor (19″ 1440 x 900 widescreen, VGA connection)
  • Turtle Beach X1 Headphones

Do I install my games? Yes, always.  And if I find any problems with the game running after installation I will mention that in my review.